Ways that Art can heal. #Arttherapy #Artwork #Illustrations


More and more people are looking for ways to de-stress from their busy lifestyle. Whether it is a long vacation or escaping into a nice literature read, we found three ways how ART itself can heal.

Over the years many stand by their exercise of journaling,  adult coloring books, and sketch illustrations.  This has proven over and over that many are seeing Art and its benefits.  Apparently, your mind begins the slow down as you focus on your art and you become more aware of your surroundings you feel more present. We call this “GROUNDING”.

1.Creating Art.

At the time when we are a toddler, there is less fear and we do what ever we want with that crayon.  My mom gave me a dedicated wall in the dining room just for my artistic outlet.  Thanks to her now I have a dedicated studio in my home just to do that PAINT, DRAW etc. Sadly, as we grow older we learn fear and our fears prohibit us from expressing ourselves.  We call this self-judgment and this self-judgment does allow us to breathe or convey ideas creatively.  We need to say to ourselves, we can do it.

2. Viewing Art.

Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) for me is like a burst of inspiration.  One study showed that hospital patients who were surrounded by visual art and music experienced less pain compared to those who were not.  We know for sure that we feel a sense of exploration when we view someone else artwork. So whether you are making your own art or enjoying someone else’s do it.

3. Experiencing Art.

Taking that trip to NYC to visit the Whitney Museum or the MET are ways that you can experience art.  However, do not sleep on the fact that you can just look out your own window.  People watching, nature watching and just being where you are is art in itself.  The are lots of landscapes in people, animals and weather that we can draw upon for healing calm moments.



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