The Girl Daily.  We believe this blog fits well within our brand of companies by KeyAesthetics Founder, Shanta Laster.

We wanted a forum like environment to explore our own artwork, other artists, designs and fashion. The parent brand, KeyAesthetics will still speak to leisure and travel experiences that have won our followers over and over through the years.

I make paintings and illustrations in gouache and ink about the little things that I love; real and imaginary. Most paintings will consist of thought provoking moments I have had throughout life sitting with wildflowers, trees, people, places, or animals. Just overall what is thoughtful.

With my illustrated world I aim to open up a little door of my mindfulness, tenderness and peacefulness, which in turn helps me (and hopefully others) to notice and enjoy the beauty of small things. My work is a constant opportunity to embrace imperfection and seek simplicity.

Often I am requested for some Giclee prints, greetings cards and other nice things. I hope to place the full range online.

We welcome this introduction to our family. Stay tuned and Happy Blogging.

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