Eye Burn Out? 3 Healthy tips. #wellness #diet #healthylifestyle


Eye Burn Out.

Are we aware of how we are damaging our eyes through prolong technology usage? I know I can attest that my eyes are overly stimulated from my digital screen time, lifestyle and hmmm maybe my age.  We’ll try to keep this article short just to do that save our eyes from burn out!

Here are three tips we can do to protect your eyes from stress:


1. Monitor our computer and smartphone viewing.

On average we are exposed to harmful light five to eight hours a day.  This time in front of the screen exposes us to harmful blue light and causes strain on our eyes. Avoid overhead lights and use a desk lamp instead.

2. Revisit our lifestyle.

Take stress off our eyes by wearing sunglasses, keeping eyes moist and believe it or not exercise. We have the goal to include 20 minutes of cardio and 1 hour of strength exercise a day.  Studies show exercise can help support healthy eye vision.


3. Boost eye health through food.

Help de-stress your eyes through a diet full of fruits and vegetables.  Choose vegetables that contain antioxidants and carotenoids. Look for green vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli. Powerful antioxidants can be found in seafood like salmon and shrimp, and in freshwater algae. 


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