Designer Moments with Shanta Laster #artdesigner #DesignerSpotlight #artist #Artstudio

Tell Us About Yourself:Bio

I was born and raised in Westchester County, New York in a tiny village named Tuckahoe just 50 minutes outside of New York City. It was a wonderful childhood attending a small neighborhood school where my younger brother and I received personalized attention from the faculty.

Where do you find inspirations?

I make paintings and illustrations in gouache and ink about the little things that I love; real and imaginary. Most paintings will consist of thought provoking moments I have had throughout life sitting with wildflowers, trees, people, places, or animals. Just overall what is thoughtful.

With my illustrated world I aim to open up a little door of my mindfulness, tenderness and peacefulness, which in turn helps me (and hopefully others) to notice and enjoy the beauty of small things. My work is a constant opportunity to embrace imperfection and seek simplicity.

When do you feel your most creative?

I am most creative in the morning and evening. Since I work professionally in the legal field, I create when I am not at work. It is sort of like a wind up for the day (with coffee) and a nice wind down in the evening. My mind is always open for learning and trying new techniques. I am always thinking of the next sketch.

What is your art space like?

Well, while I have a dedicated art studio at my home in Connecticut, I still find other also inviting and cozy areas within my home to paint and sketch.


Is there anything else you like us to know?

Well, I am pretty much a transparent person when you speak to me. It might though take you a little time to know all of my interests and personality querks. For example, I am a proud ENFJ (with INFJ tendencies). I am an Editor of my own travel magazine, KeyAesthetics Magazine in addition to my creative art website, But in essence just a girl who loves to draw daily, travel and drink decaf cappuccinos.

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