Create More, Consume Less Series: Project #1

What a thoughtful Art Project #artstudio

The Minimalist Taurus

Being a minimalist, I enjoy giving gifts more than I enjoy receiving them. Of course, I prefer and value experiences over anything. I feel like that’s also the norm for most people trying to live a simpler life. It just makes me happy and feel good inside. But what if you are also a minimalist who is trying to save as much money, yet still give a thoughtful gift to someone?

I stumbled across this thought a few months ago when I was trying to think of a perfect anniversary gift to give my boyfriend. His birthday lands exactly a week after, so I knew then that I could splurge and go all out on his birthday/experience gift and instead make him something special for our anniversary.

I found a few ideas on Pinterest and put my own personality on it. The result…a simple DIY date ideas gift in a…

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