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Paper Bag Journal

We love the idea of using a brown paper bag, splitting into two, inserting paper and letting your child use their imagination to create.  The handles work as a little briefcase holder.  We just loved this fab idea thanks to ArtBar.


 make art journals with your kids from paper bags // teach them how to think like an artist!

make an art journal from a paper bag and a few supplies

Supplies for making the journals:

Paper Bags // sheets of 12 x 18 sulphite paper // plain or colored masking tape (painter’s tape) // hole punch (1/8″) // brass fasteners


1. Cut down the sides and the bottom to become two separate paper bag sheets (with handles).

2. Tape the two sides together (inside + out)

3. Punch a small hole at the top and bottom close to the fold, but not on the fold.

4. Punch holes in the white paper right on the fold.

5. Use brass fasteners to secure paper.



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