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Three Ways We Make Ourselves Feel Better

(after a really bad day)

  1. Sun + Outdoors.  When we take twenty minutes in our backyard to sit with a refreshing beverage we start to feel the calmness come upon us.  We watch our birds come to the bird feeder and we look up to the clear blue skies.  Our mature evergreens in our backyard are just so majestic they make us feel protected.


2. Pick Some Flowers.  We may visit our local nursery or treat ourselves to some new potted Orchids.  What ever is your favorite plant or flower choose it and take home a buschel. Seeing it displayed in your home will bring you lots of joy.


3. Get in the Water.  It is true that we need water to ingest, but we also need to be submerged in it. Take a swim in the ocean or your pool and feel renewed.



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All illustrations done by Shanta Laster. E-mail us for inquiries or commissions.

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