The Room Detox | #wellness #DETOX #sodarling #organize #declutter #minimalist




  1. Houseplants. Want to eliminate unhealthy toxins? When intentionally used houseplants can be great for eliminating bedroom toxins.  We recommend at least one or two of: spider plants, golden pothos, peace lilies, and bamboo palms.
  2. No Techies.  Cant put that phone down? Yes we are guilty too. Well in some cases, the electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) emitted from electronics have proven to slow down melatonin levels.  No Magneto in the bedroom! These magnetic fields have been linked to anxiety, stress, and low immunity. We suggest turning your electronic devices and wifi modem off while you sleep.  Those who use it as an alarm clock, leave it on airplane mode.
  3. Clean Linens and Dusting. It is noteworthy to learn that many dust and allergens lurk in our bedrooms.  Our comforters, pillows, mattresses and yes curtains all acquire dust mites.  Our reco is to take the duvet and curtains to an eco-friendly cleaners every two or three months for a through cleaning.  We often hosts guests in our home and regularly cleaning and investing in good quality cotton dust mite covers helps.

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