Our fondness of @bloomingdales #childhood #celebrities #renew



We’ve been shopping at Bloomingdales on 59th Street since we were in the womb.  It has been a generational experience for us and we loved going with our mum and grand mum.  Grand mum would always buy our gifts from there and when I was working in a NY law firm, 59th Street was my escape from the stress.  I would linger on the furniture floor and pick out all the wonderful items I wanted for my home. It was a great fantasy escape that turned into a little girls reality.  I bought my first real piece of furniture at Bloomingdales and the brown leather tufted ottoman still graces my home in Connecticut.

Many many girlfriend lunches were spent at the restaurants in Bloomingdales and many celebrity sightings. We would often bump into Joan Rivers and she was so kind.  What a great childhood.



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