Get 8 Hours of Rest | #treatyourself #indulge #luxury #staycation #designtips


Guaranteed Beauty Rest

Who of us has not called for that Cal–gon moment where we say “take me away”.  We are all under so much stress these days and our deadlines seemed to be ridiculous and obnoxious.  How can we leave all those worries outside and get a good nights rest?  Here are 5 tips:

  1.  Choose a calming relaxing color.  We gravitate towards Greys, Blues, and soft creams.
  2.  Choose amazing and soft linens.  Nothing beats the feel of soft luxurious linens. We fell in love with these whimsical design.


4.  Essential Oils.  Sometimes just the right mix can calm you straight away.  We love the aroma of Lavender.  We add a couple of drops to our dryer sheets and place them in the dryer.  Or you leave lavender soaked cotton balls stashed in your linen closet to get that effect. Careful do not let the lavender cotton balls touch the linens.


5.  De-Clutter. We are serious about this one.  The feeling of knowing that everything is in its place, just helps you instantly relax.  We love Marie Kondo’s advice.




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