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Are you a Minimalist?

According to Joshua Becker of Becoming a Minimalist, a minimalist is someone who esteems “the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.” This means a minimalist is someone who can center their focus, attain that focus and understands how to eliminate anything that comes in between that.

Why some decide to become a Minimalist.

Becoming a minimalist helps keep stress at bay. In life we are bombarded with constant distractions and unnecessary clutter. A minimalist is willing to sacrifice good things for better things.  Quality over quantity mindset.

Focus on what really matters in life.

When you streamline your life you realize you have more time to do more of what you love.  You have more energy because you are using your resources efficiently. Speaking of resources, becoming a minimalist you will find you are experiencing less stress because you are modest and do what you can.  You have more money because you are not buying things you don’t need, but what is only necessary.

Helpful to now consider living a minimalist lifestyle. 🙂


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