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House Guests + Welcoming Gift Guide

Our home is always open to our friends wishing to visit the New England area.  We do our share of spending time with them in the countries they live in and so when it is time to pay it forward we are sure to stock our home with just the right goodies to make them feel welcomed.

Here are our favs:

  1. Water. Always have plenty of water on hand.  We either have a decanter or purchase these beautiful art water bottles.
  2. Essential Samples. We keep a glass vase of essential care package samples for our guests to choose from.  Either Murad moisturizers, Shout wipes, Body Washes, Shower Caps, Shavers, and Lotions. We take an inventory of what the guests liked most and restock as necessary.
  3. Meals. Prepare foods in advance. Recipe for Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. We have a bowl of fruit in the kitchen handy for them to take.  Also lots of Hummus, Yogurt and cheeses.  Often guests are shy about perusing through your kitchen but if you give them the lay of the land early on and tell them these items are for you, they become accustomed quite rapidly.  Little grab bites make things easy.
  4. Towels.  Your guests could never have enough. So we always keep a basket of guest towels (plenty) for them to use.  We just bought these and we are eyeing these Turkish patterned set.
  5. Children.  We love our friends kids and the kids too need to have a space for themselves and feel welcomed.  We usually keep lots of coloring books on hand just for that. We also stock a lot of hot chocolate and whip cream for those toasty evenings.


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