4 Big Design. Little Budget. Tips #maximist #decor #minimalist #maximalist



How to Maximize your decor when your pocket reflects the minimalist.

  1. A great sofa.  Securing the right design and size for your space can truly bring your home to the next level. We love to choose a bold color to serve as an anchor.  However we are not opposed to a neutral color where you can use your accent colors to great the vibe you are going for.
  2. Time + Patience.  We believe in slowly introducing items in your home rather than having everything staged in a quick manner. This allows you to peruse consignment and antique stores to curate your home more efficiently.  Also a good trip to another country often brings get and unique finds back to your home. We found our Moroccan tea pot in Morocco and it is just that unique talking piece.Capture
  3. Rearrange your own home.  Instead of buying outside your house sometimes shopping within and re-purposing our own items gives things new life.
  4. Color Pop.  Sometimes just changing the color of your bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets you can update your look for less.   Capture@interiorsofsouthafrica


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